Montenegro Private Hotel


Due to the structure of the building, staircase designs were made for 12 different duplex apartments in limited m² areas.

In this direction, plan solutions with two color alternatives in the same concept were provided in the most efficient way.



When you enter the apartment, a feeling of warmth and comfort floats in the air due to the color palette, the abundance of natural light from the large windows and the harmonious arrangement of furniture.

Our team realized this project with a two color alternative design without overloading the general concept with bright accents.

The breathtaking views from all the rooms of the apartments, combined with the materials and textures of the interior, make the overall mood of the project soft and calm.

And the functionality that each product skillfully hides stands out with its thoughtfulness.



The structure of the building and the plan solution in the limited m² started with the stairs. The design process, which develops with the staircase solution, offers us the kitchen and living area.

In the table design, which is continued in the kitchen, with the feature of being closed due to the limitation of the space, it also creates a panel image and offers us the feature of using the space efficiently.

Plasterboard ceilings were used in certain places without affecting the floor heights in order not to reduce the ceiling levels in the apartments that give a feeling of spaciousness.

And ceiling designs took shape on this plane.

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