About Us


ANSER&PARTNERS is an outstanding firm that offers project development, design, implementation and control services for commercial and private buildings. Our sphere of activity includes many buildings for individual and corporate purposes; especially stores, urban transformation, corporate, hotels, offices and residences. The expert personnel of ANSER&PARTNERS, which operates both domestically and internationally, is the most important factor for the company's unwavering success and superior understanding of quality.

ANSER&PARTNERS is inspired by the perfection of the golden ratio in all its design works, and this philosophy also informs the direction of its implementation studies.

Our company, which adheres to the maxim of "the best" in every circumstance rather than being satisfied with "the good," accepts the projects entrusted to it and performs all of its services with devotion. To do this, our company operates mindful of the fact that architectural design and implementation are both forms of art. In this context, our guiding philosophy is to deliver the desired service at the desired time, in accordance with the needs, but with a quality that exceeds expectations.

Why Us?

  • As a fast, reliable, efficient, transparent and honest company, we meet all demands in our field with our competent solutions.
  • We bring together our boundless imagination, extensive knowledge, and aesthetic awareness focused on perfection. We do this by utilizing the latest, innovative technology and combining the strength of cutting-edge machinery with our industry expertise.
  • In order to keep our place among the most prestigious architectural offices, we do not compromise on our values, and we place delivering high standards of service as our top priority.

How Do We Serve?

ANSER&PARTNERS knows that the aim of architecture is to create an appropriate framework for aesthetically pleasing and practical living areas. However, in the first stage of the process, the only information we have is the wants of the consumers, the data about the place and a blank sheet of paper. With the aid of these data, architecture will here establish the proper limits and use those boundaries to shape the design and implementation phases of the space.

Despite the fact that the features and benefits of each project we have signed are unique, there are several elements that tie them together.

  • Aesthetic value
  • Customer demands
  • Functional architectural requirements

ANSER&PARTNERS brings them together harmoniously at the same point. Consequently, a better project is created than the consumer had imagined.

Our Mission

  • With the help of our versatile workforce and cutting-edge technologies, we bring practical designs and affordable solutions to the field of architecture.
  • To stay a business that upholds its standards and adapts to the times.
  • To steer the sector and to add value to all areas in which we operate

Our Vision

  • Fulfilling our responsibilities towards our stakeholders, business partners and society in general, especially our consumers and team
  • To ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients and workers
  • Establishing relations based on respect, trust and cooperation by acting within the framework of understanding and tolerance
  • To create added value through our works based on variety and sustainability.

Our Team

ANSER&PARTNERS was founded by Anastasia Sergici, Mehmet Özay Özsu and Emre Lafiş. Our competent, experienced and expert team comprises professionals with a dynamic spirit, energetic, open to change and development, and who have a broad vision and positive approach. Exterior architects, interior architects, consultants and engineers are some of them.

Due to the fact that our company develops unique strategies for each project and creates unique solutions for each requirement with the help of its qualified personnel, it is among the most favored in the industry.
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